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Dave Capece, our dear friend and coworker, lost his battle to cancer. It was a long and tough fight in which Dave exerted every last bit of energy he had.


Dave was both physically and mentally strong, sincerely gentle and loving, and fiercely devoted to his wife Chelsea, his family, and tattooing. 

Dave defined the word “tattooer”. He was extremely passionate about the tattoo industry and leaving his mark on as many collectors as possible. He was exceptionally talented, putting his heart and soul into perfecting his craft. This passion manifested itself into some of the most beautiful works of drawings, paintings, and tattoos that we are still capable of appreciating. Whenever you want to see a piece of Dave, he will always have his presence in his art. You can always support him via instagram (@dctattoos83).

Dave made such a beautiful mark on this world. We will continue to honor his memory, his talent, his light. We love you, Dave.

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