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Please read the following information thoroughly. All information below is pertinent and necessary in order to receive a response from Sarah. 

Very Important-

Due to Sarah's limited schedule, she only works on projects best suited to her personal tattoo style and preferred subject matter. If your request does not fit within these specifications, Sarah may not take on your project and may suggest another artist who specializes in your preferred aesthetic. Sarah genuinely appreciates all who inquires to work with her. She wants to ensure that each tattoo request is aligned with the best artist for the job- regardless if it is her or someone else.

Before sending a request for booking, please take a look at the following tattoos done by Sarah. This is a fair representation of how and what she tattoos.

* Style: Illustrative Realism - Black and Grey - Dotwork - Art Nouveau 

* Subject Matter: Nature - Flora/Fauna - Landscapes, Ornamental, Lady Faces

* Additional subject matter can be considered if Sarah approves it and is given creative freedom to design in her style. 

* Sarah does NOT tattoo the following- lettering - tribal - snakes - mechanical

* Sarah only tattoos in black and grey.  She does not tattoo color.

* Sarah will absolutely not copy another tattoo or pre existing design. 


Sarah only responds to tattoo inquiries via Instagram direct messaging. If necessary Sarah will set up an online teleconference to consult directly.

Sarah's instagram link can be found here.

Please note that Sarah is no longer booking large scale color pieces. 

The following information is needed in order to receive a response:


-contact phone number

-general design idea

-placement on the body


Optional Information that is useful to include:

-preferred size

-photo references

-photo of area of body getting tattooed

-budget for piece


A deposit is required to book an appointment. 

All deposits are non refundable.

- $50.00 for smaller appointments (under two hours)

- $125.00 for appointments two hours and over.

-All deposits are taken off the final appointment if it is a multiple session tattoo. 

-Deposits can be left in cash or card only, and can be made either in the shop or over the phone.


Please note that Sarah does not copy existing artwork and/or tattoos. You can send existing images for references only, however Sarah sticks to her aesthetic and will create a one of a kind, unique design for every tattoo. Please take a look at her portfolio here to see examples of the styles in which she tattoos.

Contact Form


Flat daily rate of $750.00 plus tax


This covers any and all time between 10am - 5 pm


Projects that can be completed in one session that exceeds 5pm will be charged an additional $150.00 an hour plus tax for the remainder of the time.



All initial inquiries must fill out the contact form below. It will be emailed to Sarah. 

If the design is up for consideration, Sarah will reach out to you via Instagram direct message only (with the instagram handle you provide in the initial contact form).


Over Instagram, Sarah will discuss design, pricing, booking information, and availability. 


If necessary Sarah will set up an online teleconference to consult directly for larger projects.

If the form is not filled out to completion, not filled out correctly, or your design requests do not fit within Sarah' aesthetic, you will not receive a return correspondence.

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